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Self-lubricating Bearings and Bushings

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Seals and Sealing Systems

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AccroSeal™ Sealing Systems and Self-lubricating Bearings 

At AccroSeal™ we compression mould and machine several types of custom plastic components for our customers including sealing systems, self-lubricating bearings, bushings, rings, and gaskets from our unique Accrolon™ materials as well as most standard and mil-spec materials. AccroSeal™ is ISO certified and we serve a wide range of industries including aerospace, petro chemical, pharmaceutical, food, dairy, medical and paper.

Located in Michigan, USA, since 1977, AccroSeal™ has built a reputation for expertise in machining the custom polymer components required by today’s industrial client. We work directly with customer engineering departments to solve difficult problems.  AccroSeal™ offers a wide range of machining, stamping, and custom lubrication solutions. We combine a broad material portfolio with advanced manufacturing technologies and a constant dedication to customer satisfaction. This commitment to customer service along with our continuous improvement philosophy makes AccroSeal™ an excellent partner for any organisation. This is especially evident where new materials, problem solving, and unique manufacturing processes are required.

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